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Artist Statement

Ruth Stage shows us the minutiae of the grand vista, a landscape of illumination, pattern, reflection and great distance. Working in egg tempera she creates a fluidity that reveals dramatic skies, mountain ranges, turbulent shallows. Superimposed onto this is the ‘story of the day’ be it figures on the beach, the first moment of spring, the remnants of a crop on a frosty morning. A limited pallette gives an impression of the subtlety of nature, a cluster of almost indistinguishable greys punctuated with the cadmium of a leaf, transparent in the evening glare. From this complex formula the artist creates coherence,revealing harmony and balance without interruption.



1992-95 Studied at Royal Academy Schools, Postgraduate Diploma in Painting
1995– Lives and works in South London
1999 Elected member of the New English Art Club

Scholarships, Awards & Prizes

2014 David Messum Art Prize, New English Open Exhibition
2013 Lynn Painter-Stainer Prize
2011 The Critic’s Choice, New English Open Exhibition
2006 Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize (runner-up)
2003 Villiers David award
2000/01 Villiers David Award (twice runner-up)
1996 M&G Young Artist of the Year, RA Summer Exhibition
1995 Young Artist of the Year (runner-up) Hunting Art Prizes